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"On Style": 7 interior microtrends for this winter

Interior trends are, on the one hand, a rather predictable thing: they never arise from anywhere and do not come from the ceiling, but are traced for some time in exhibitions or in the products of leading niche factories. However, there are tiny details that are found in different design projects: a certain shade in the textile, non-standard color sockets or tiles of an unusual shape. Life around talks about such microtrends, which, quite possibly, will soon be used everywhere.

Text: Nina Voinova

Departure from Scandinavia

Upperlig Collection, IKEA

The global trend is moving away from the Scandinavian style in its most basic sense: too many stones have been thrown by designers into his garden over the past year. With the fact that the style has enough advantages, and in some cases it is completely irreplaceable, no one argues. Basically, dissatisfaction is due to the fact that at some point the Scandinavian became too much, and therefore he was fed up with the order.

Realizing the full scale of the "anti-minimalist" movement, IKEA itself also changed course, because people put an equal sign between snow-white simplicity and everything that can be found in this Swedish store. In the new collections, materials have become more diverse, and shades deeper. Moreover, the Swedes launched the Hupperlig capsule collection together with the iconic Danish brand HAY, whose home in central Copenhagen has become a pilgrimage site for designers from around the world.

Hidden doors

It happens that a trend is a well-forgotten old or suddenly fired new. Another option: trend as a delayed action mechanism. Hidden doors are just such a case: more than three and a half years have passed since the engineers of the Sofia factory developed a hidden box. It took time for this technological novelty to gain a foothold in the top: it was over the last year that designers' portfolios began to replenish more and more often with interiors, the doors of which have no platbands and merge with the wall.

Dark electrics

Black sockets in the apartment of the architect in the house of 1928

Sockets and switches in matt black have recently become a real must-have. Most likely, this is due to the fact that this summer the black matte began to supplant the dominant copper one - this concerns decor and accessories, accessories and even utensils; later this list was supplemented by switches with sockets.

Regular hexagon

The following microtrend concerns bathrooms: now the more geometry here, the better. And this is expressed primarily in hexagons. Gray tiles in the shape of a honeycomb confidently replaced the white rectangular, popular for a long time - the "boar". If you are inclined to this type of tile, then buy it with a margin and be ready to listen to the discontent of workers: laying hexagons is also a task.


Country house with male and female bedrooms (St. Petersburg)

This year, an unspoken favorite at iSaloni was a nut. The shades and texture of this tree species were traced literally in everything: in materials for floors and walls, in partitions, furniture, and so on. Recently, it is designers who use walnut in their projects. Veneer or massif, walnut - noble, pleasant and rich.

Shade "Shady Spruce"

Steamed with nuts to maintain status and atmosphere in microtrends turned out to be a dark green color, which designers recommend using in upholstery. Leading furniture houses supplemented their winter collections with velvet green sofas; they can also be found in IKEA.

Unconventional ceiling

New old apartment with colored spots on Bolshaya Pirogovskaya

In most cases, it is difficult to draw a clear line between the trend and the microtrend. However, the case "white ceiling" has all the characteristics of the latter. Designers spied this trick in industrial interiors, which are now becoming more common: the ceiling remains concrete, dark or light gray.

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