What Red Dead Redemption 2 Consists of

On October 26, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will launch one of the most anticipated games of recent years - Red Dead Redemption 2, an open-world spaghetti action game about the Wild West. The previous part of the game was released more than eight years ago, a lot has changed in the sequel, so Life around talks about the details of the new western.


The developer of Red Dead Redemption is Rockstar Games, the company is the flagship of the industry, which changed the open-world game market thanks to the release of Grand Theft Auto III, and then consolidated success on the example of other games from the same line and the Red Dead series. The main goal of Rockstar Games, whose last game was GTA V in 2013 (in five years the company earned more than $ 6 billion in this game), was to increase the realism of the in-game world. This means that the result of any game action will depend on the player’s behavior: clothing that is worn on the character, weapons, previous actions and even weather conditions. The hair on the face and head grows in real time - they will also have to be watched. If you lean on bourbon and pies, you can even get fat in the game - yes, as in GTA: San Andreas.

Graphic arts

One of the main game memes in the fall of 2018: according to the developers, in RDR2 even the horses' testicles are drawn separately and react to the climate around - they are compressed in the cold, for example. This amusing fact only underscores how aggressive the creators came to the question of graphics in an era when you will hardly surprise anyone. Given the fact that RDR2 locations include mountains, lakes and rivers, which imply frequent weather changes, players are entitled to expect almost cinematic picture quality.


The love of developers for realism is gaining momentum in their approach to gaming weapons. To begin with: shotguns, revolvers and other items of equipment can wear out, so don’t be surprised if, for example, a shutter starts to jam during the shooting process. Any rain or immersion in water will affect the quality of the weapon, but players can do preventive maintenance by periodically cleaning the gun. In addition, the Dead Eye mode will remain in RDR2, allowing you to shoot in slow-mo, as well as the ability to threaten with weapons and make a warning shot in front of civilians and hostages.

RDR2 is like GTA, but not quite

As described above, Rockstar Games seeks to surpass itself, but how to do it when your best game (GTA V) is one of the best in history? The developers themselves notice that they want everything that the player sees to carry some kind of function. Take the interiors of RDR2 - it’s already now known that a whole team of specialists worked on them, the task of which was to make them as interactive as possible, rather than simple cardboard backs, as is often the case in other games.

Prequel, not sequel

Don't let the number in the title bother you - Red Dead Redemption 2 is actually the backstory. In the first part, the cowboy John Marston had to get to the last surviving gang of Dutch van der Linda, now he will have to play for Arthur Morgan, one of the gang members before her disappearance. Judging by the available trailers, the gang will be given a lot of time, and the relations within this bandit community will have special consequences for the player.

Wild West Fashion

The appearance of the character will affect the gameplay: if Arthur Morgan dresses up as a dandy for a deer hunting session, then nothing good will come of it, as in ordinary life. Clothing will affect the stamina of the character and his health: in cool weather it will be necessary to warm up, and in the heat, on the contrary, do not overdo it. Having run out with a revolver at the ready in your favorite fur coat on a hot day, do not be surprised that your strength will run out after a few meters.

Butterfly Effect

The open world and the lack of linear gameplay affect the progress of the game. The worse the cowboy will behave in the Wild West, the more problems he will have at a distance. In addition, during the passage, the aforementioned appearance will also be evaluated up to the smell: if you spent several hours in the swamps and did not wash, then no one will naturally want to talk with you.

Red dead online

Previous Red Dead Redemption could boast of having a multiplayer, but not its quality. Now the situation should change: along with the release of the game, developers will provide access to Red Dead Online, where it will be possible to fight with other users or with them, however, so far in beta testing mode.

Sociable NPC

Another element of Rockstar Games realism - all NPCs (non-playable characters - non-game characters) in RDR2 will be configured to talk with you by default. Next, all of the above factors will be included: clothing, behavior, weapons and a host of other trifles.

Missing missions

Most open world games share the passage into the stages of the main missions and optional. The main ones move the player along the plot, while the optional ones do not, but they are fun to pass in moments of respite. RDR2 has a different concept, which is that by default all game tasks will move you along the plot, but their choice and execution will affect the actual outcome.

Watch the video: Red Dead Redemption 2 Review (November 2019).

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