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How much is life in Toronto

Life around continues to talk about the cost of living in different parts of the world. In the new issue - Toronto, Canada's largest city. 2.7 million people live here, and taking into account the suburbs, almost 6 million. This is one of the most multicultural cities in the world: almost half of the inhabitants of the city were not born in Canada, about 8% of the population are Indians, the same number are Chinese, almost 6% are from immigrants from Italy and the Philippines, and 1.2% are from former residents of Russia and Ukraine. Toronto resident Vladislav Alekseenko told Life around about local prices.

up to 1,000 Canadian dollars

(45 thousand rubles a month, after tax)

Low income

2,000-4,000 Canadian dollars

(90-180 thousand rubles)

Average income

from 6,000 Canadian dollars

(270 thousand rubles)

High income

Why move here

Toronto is the whole world in one city. Here live people who came from different parts of the world, with different stories. Canada focuses on diversity, and Toronto is certainly the personification of diversity in its broadest sense.

Now many people come to study at universities and colleges, after graduation they receive a work permit for three years. During this time, you can apply for a residence permit: it is issued if you work in one of the specialties from the list published by the government, and you also know at least one of the state languages. Refugees also immigrate. From the CIS countries refugee status was granted to immigrants from the Donbass during the hot phase of the conflict, as well as to people oppressed due to sexual orientation. For example, now a familiar immigration consultant leads the case of a Russian guy who was beaten by gopniks at night when he saw that he was coming from a gay club.

Previously, there was a professional immigration program, thanks to which many families from the CIS countries immigrated to Canada 10-20 years ago. As a result, there are a huge number of Russian-speaking residents in Toronto. There are Russian grocery stores, Russian specialists of all profiles (from bankers to dentists) and a Russian-language city portal.


1-2 thousand Canadian dollars (45-90 thousand rubles)

There is a housing crisis in Toronto. Housing rises in price rapidly, and this is one of the main topics of Canadian political discourse. In a new house in the center, renting an apartment of 58 square meters will cost 1,800 Canadian dollars (81 thousand rubles). The kitchen and toilet will be equipped, but there will be no furniture in the bedroom and living room. In new houses, in addition to apartments, the common areas are the pool, terrace, fitness equipment. Some houses sometimes even have small movie theaters and pool tables. In older houses, housing is cheaper: a small apartment on the outskirts can be rented for 1,000 Canadian dollars (45 thousand rubles). However, there are no air conditioners and problems with cockroaches. In conditions of high humidity and heat in the summer it is not very convenient.

At the conclusion of the lease, the tenant provides the contacts of the owners of the apartments, which he rented earlier, and also pays for the first and last month of housing. In Canada, it is quite difficult to evict a person, so the owners want to be sure that the landlord is solvent.


141 Canadian dollars (6 345 rubles) for a monthly pass

Transport here is not as well developed as in Moscow. In the metro, delays often occur due to technical problems (an average of 57 delays per day), so city residents have already memorized typical metro announcements that report technical problems. The payment system is also outdated. If in Moscow you can already pay everywhere with a credit card or phone, leaning them against the turnstile, then here you still need to buy tokens, and the analogue of the Moscow Troika is just starting to be introduced.

A metro ticket costs 3.25 Canadian dollars (146 rubles), it is also possible to transfer to a bus or tram at no extra cost. A monthly bus and metro ticket costs 141 Canadian dollars (6,345 rubles). Student travel costs 116 Canadian dollars (5,220 rubles).

Uber is also popular in the city, which is the main way of traveling at night (the metro runs until midnight). Express to the airport costs the same as in Moscow: 9 or 12 Canadian dollars, depending on the payment method (405 or 540 rubles, respectively).

The medicine

is free

Basic medicine for residents and citizens is free. The services of a dentist, psychologist, massage and so on are covered by the local analogue of VHI. Foreign students buy health insurance when they pay for a university or college. With this insurance, they can use the services of all clinics in the region.


400-900 dollars a month (18-45 thousand rubles)

Toronto residents, especially Native Canadians, rarely cook. Prefer to buy ready-made food in cooking or eat in a cafe. I’m already accustomed to this lifestyle and practically do not cook it myself. The time spent cooking and washing dishes can be spent on work. If you eat in culinary or inexpensive cafes, then about 30 Canadian dollars (1,350 rubles) per person will go for food per day.

Cheese costs from 20 Canadian dollars per kilogram (900 rubles). Meat - from 17 Canadian dollars per kilogram (765 rubles). Red fish (salmon) - from 25 Canadian dollars per kilogram (1,150 rubles). Those who wish to save money can go to the Chinese market. There the prices are much lower.

A bottle of wine will cost from 12 Canadian dollars (550 rubles). Moreover, alcohol has only recently been allowed to sell in ordinary supermarkets. Prior to that, it was sold only in specialized stores. They have a very wide selection of alcoholic beverages, but at the same time strict control of documents. Persons under the age of 19 are not allowed to sell alcohol. Even if two friends come in, and one is 20 years old and the other is 18, they will not sell alcohol to them.

Cafes and restaurants

20-50 Canadian dollars (900-2 250 rubles)

A trip to the restaurant will cost from 20 to 50 Canadian dollars, depending on the level of the establishment. Tipping is a must. There were cases when the client did not leave a tip, the waiter came up and said that he was obliged to leave a tip. That is why waiters and bartenders make quite good money, given that a diploma is not needed for such work.

Toronto has a wide selection of food for every taste. Immigrants open cafes with food of their culture. That is why here you can find food of any cuisine in the world. Toronto residents are accustomed to this diversity and often meet friends in a cafe. The cafe format all you can eat is very popular. As a rule, this applies to Japanese cuisine. A person pays a fixed amount and eats as much as he can in the allotted time. On average, it will cost from 20 to 25 Canadian dollars (from 900 to 1,100 rubles). Also in the city there are many bars with craft beer. A glass of beer will cost 5-10 Canadian dollars. There is a German bar where the beer menu is a whole book, there are about 70 varieties of beer to choose from.

I already have my favorite places in the city. One of them is a Brazilian steakhouse. In it, you pay 50 Canadian dollars per person (about 2,250 rubles) and eat as much meat as you can. Waiters walk around the restaurant and deliver different kinds of meat. Side dishes are also included. Another place I like is a seafood cafe. They give gloves and a one-time apron and bring seafood that you yourself clean with your hands. A pound starts at $ 11. Shrimps, mussels, crayfish, lobster - everything will be done in the sauce that you choose.


Toronto is very cold in winter, so people spend more time in cafes and shopping centers. In the summer there are many ethnic festivals - for example, Caribbean, Chinese, Polish. On them you can eat, see artists in national costumes and have fun with them. Every year in September, TIFF - Toronto International Film Festival. It shows films of all countries, including successful Russian films.

Toronto is an interesting and diverse city. The main problems are climate and transport. There is high humidity, so in summer the heat is very difficult to tolerate (rather even stuffiness), and in winter the icy wind penetrates through. Public transport is poorly developed in the city (only three metro lines), but the government is gradually resolving this issue. For the rest, there is a feeling that the whole world in one city provides a lot of variety and vivid impressions.

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