All of their own: Buuznaya at the Treasury

In a big city there is always a place for authentic establishments, where, on the one hand, it’s “strange”, but tasty and cheap, which few people know about, but all the staff are smiling at you or at least know you by sight. Actually, these establishments are not in tourist routes and they will not be written about them under the heading "New Place", but knowing about them, you can consider yourself local. Word of mouth or friends can help find them. Life around continues the heading "All of its own", where the townspeople show the editors such places. In the second issue - the buzuznaya at the Treasury, which includes musician Sergei Baranov.

at the Treasury

Treasury St., 5

Working hours:
Sun-Mon: 12: 00-21: 00

Tue-Sat: 12: 00-23: 00

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Sergey Baranov




Buzou with pork



Buuznaya on Treasury is a small institution with yellow walls and a budgetary interior, which is managed by a family of Buryats from Chita. It used to be called “Baikal”, but now “Pelmeni. Buryat buuzy”, apparently, to attract an additional audience that did not hear about such Asian cuisine. Buuzy is a Buryat national dish, similar to Uzbek manti or Georgian khinkali, except for it, in the menu are vegetable salads, soups and Japanese rolls. Lunch costs no more than 300 rubles. Students are given a 10-15 percent discount upon presentation of the student’s, and the owners of the institution actively communicate with the Chita-Buryat VKontakte community, for some reason promoting California rolls for 150 rubles more than the signature dish.

Owners and staff

Both the owner and the waiters are Buryats here, and this is probably the only place in the city where you can try the national food of the Siberian peoples. As far as I know, there are not so many Buryats in St. Petersburg. The waitress is always alone, and there are guests of honor - these are just two women sitting, the owner greeted them. Previously, in general, in the center there was such a Baikal cafe with national cuisine, there, too, people from the Buryat Republic or Chita were in charge, but the place did not pay off and it was closed.

Food and drink

Buuza is such a big dumpling that you need to eat with your hands. By tradition, you need to bite a buuza from below and drink all the juice, and then eat up the rest. I don’t know exactly how to make the dough, but the meat is minced, pork or beef, plus onions, salt and pepper. All North Asian cuisine is pastry and meat, because it is cold because nothing grows there. There are still salads, dumplings and for some reason sushi menu, very cheap, probably attract visitors so. For dessert, you can eat brushwood and drink tea. There is beer and vodka too.


Different people come, I think that all the Buryats who are in St. Petersburg know about the place, but basically the Russians go anyway. The institution is quite budgetary, so some kind of audience is constant. We go with friends because we love Siberians from Siberia. Although once we had a conflict with some guests in a jeep and we were kicked out. But nothing, still come. In general, now it’s a little worse than before, the feeling that the dishes began to be prepared differently.


Homemade dumplings
135 rubles


Beetroot Salad
50 rubles

Beef Dumplings
120 rubles


100 rubles

Dumplings with cabbage
110 rubles


120 rubles

55 rubles


Homemade noodle soup
95 rubles

Carrot salad
60 rubles


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