Call of the streets: 45 open terraces of St. Petersburg

With the onset of heat, cafes and restaurants are increasingly opening summer terraces. Life around found more than forty places where you can sit by the water in a quiet courtyard or watch a busy street or city panorama.

On the street

Coffeshop company

Nevsky pr., 47


Small pr. V.O., 88

"A long tail"

Nevsky pr., 92

and joy "

M. Posadskaya St., 3

Kroo cafe

Suvorovsky pr., 7

"Bang Bang"

Nab. Griboedov Canal, 31

Solnce bar

Dobrolyubova ave., 7


Malaya Konyushennaya St., 14


Rubinstein, 15-17


Rubinstein St., 5


Radishcheva St., 36

Market place

Nevsky pr., 22

"Mom Roma"

Malaya Konushennaya, 4/2


Rubinstein St., 15, Nevsky Prospect, 55


pr. 13


Nab. Moika River, 1/7

Mindal cafe

ave., 5


Degtyarnaya St., 1a


Konyushennaya sq., 2


Konyushennaya sq., 2


Uprising, 15


Rubinstein St., 27


Konyushennaya sq., 2

Brasserie "Kriek 

Italian St., 17


Nevsky pr., 22-24

B152 Tearoom

Nevsky pr., 152

James cook

Swedish lane, 2


On the roof

PMI Bar terrace

Nab. Moika River, 1/7


16 Dobrolyubova Ave.


Nevsky Prospect, 114-116


Kazanskaya St., 3


Odoevskogo St., 34

Green Room

Ligovsky pr., 74

"Moscow City"

Nab. 18a

Near the water

Villa zimaletto

South Road, 8

"Fishin the country"

41st km of Primorsky highway, 319a


Quay Martynova, 40

Il lago dei cigni

North Road, 21

Le crystal

Nab. Martynova, 92


Sinopskaya nab., 78


Vyazovaya St., 4

In the courtyard

Gastrobar Duo

Kirochnaya St., 8a

prosto vino

8th Sovetskaya St., 4


Marine, 54


Nevsky Prospect, 114-116

Watch the video: East Hillsborough Ave from Nebraska Ave to 50th St WB (November 2019).

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